Alley the Persian cat

alleyAlley’s Story…

Alley is a gorgeous all white girl with the most stunning blue eyes ever.  This precious angel was rescued from Carson shelter, where she was overwhelmed due to her condition.

Alley is deaf, which means she can be easily startled.  She has to rely on vibrations and what she can see, so Alley needs a calm, quiet household where she won’t need to be constantly on guard for new things to sneak up on her.

Also, because she is deaf – Alley has no concept of sound so her meow is actually more of a loud squawk.  It’s rather endearing, because she’s trying so hard so communicate and fails to make a proper kitty noise.  She makes up for this with an adorable purr that rumbles often.

Also, being deaf means she has trouble with other animals as they can easily sneak up on her.  This puts her on edge and adds stress to her life, so Alley would prefer to be the only kitty or with another kitty who would leave her alone.  Alley is a lap cat and wants to be petted all day long.  She is also content to just hang out next to you and when she notices that you’ve left the room, sometimes she will follow after you because she enjoys company.  Despite her hearing loss, Alley is impressively outgoing with new people, taking things in stride and exploring the world with interest rather than the expected reserved nature some cats with disabilities have.  Her favorite toy is just a simple paper bag.  Give her a bag to hang out in and she’ll be one happy kitty!

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